About Rix Mixes

Ricardo & Sheila Ochoa


Hi, my name is Ricardo Ochoa and I am so excited to be able to share my spices with you!  I have been making them for family and friends for many years and with the inspiration and support of our great friends, Rix Mixes Inc. was born!!!  It has truly been a labor of Love!   We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Ricardo loves to cook for friends and family.  His hobby of grilling and smoking meat led him to creating the most amazing spices.  Since he began sharing his spices with friends, it has turned from a hobby to a business venture.  Everyone keeps asking for his spices and they continue to share what they use the spices on.  The answer is EVERYTHING!!! 

Sheila is the lucky lady who married a great man who cooks for her and their family every night.  

Bill & Kim Triebwasser


Bill, a true entrepreneur, visionary and might I add "Grill Master".  Bill spends his free time hosting barbeque parties, just a little friendly grilling competitions between the neighborhood men. 

Kim, a lady who does it all!  If you are lucky enough to have Kim as a friend and neighbor you get to see her love and passion for kids and animals.  Also coming home to freshly cut flowers she has grown and so kindly left at your house.


  • Holy Mama this stuff is amazing! 
  • I had it on cauliflower this afternoon, and now I want to put it on everything!  
  • I tried on my onions and peppers tonight. .. AWESOME!! Facebook friends if you haven't gotten out to try this seasoning. ..you are missing out!!! It's awesome on everything!!!! 
  • My son has declared, "This is my favorite seasoning EVER!" He especially loves it on his mac 'n' cheese.😋 
  • Thanks again for getting me addicted to the mix...Rix Mix that is.  I find myself putting it on everything even sandwiches now!  Just wanted to share with you that I made the best scallop potatoes the other night and it was the mix that made it  Bravo!  It's going in spaghetti tonight and Burgers on Friday night.  I was mixed-up now I'm Rix Mixed up!